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“We are agile, we’ve done it! We’ve created the processes and roles, the tools are in place – all this is accepted and lived. All that’s left to do is consolidating the agile mindset.”

Christine Heitmann 

Teamlead Team Coaches | Toom

“Soon we have then realized that the standard Jira functionality is not really sufficient for our SAFe setup so we decided to go for the implementation of Agile Hive.”

Yannick Müller

Agile Coach | Siemens

Finally a proper and affordable solution for SAFe with Jira. We have been looking forward to get this for a long time now and the first experience is amazing!

Certified Atlassian Expert | Toom

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Thomas Kretzer

German Sales Consultant

Jamale Lamaji-Harris

US Sales Consultant

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