Oversee your Large Solution Train

Manage Solution Trains — from PI Management to Capability creation


Easily manage different Program Increments (PIs)

The Agile Hive Solution Reports show an automated view of all relevant information about a Solution Train in a specific PI / time span.

View your PIs

View information within the tiles based on your PI / Time Span selection

Solution Train Progress

View the overall Solution Train PI Progress in five easy-to-read metrics

List all planned Solution Train issues in Solution Train PI Overview

View objectives of ARTs and Teams

Access all ARTs Teams and their Team PI Objectives and identify open solution risks

Everything you need to start your SAFe® transformation

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Visualize Solution Capabilities

With a Solution Kanban board, the respective Solution Train is able to collect, analyze, review & prioritize Capabilities and other issues as well as hierarchically link Capabilities with issues from a higher level like Portfolio Epics.

Create new Capabilities

Easily create Capabilities on a higher-solution-level that span throughout multiple ARTs. Support the flow of features and capabilities, where they progress through the funnel, analyzing, backlog, implementing, validating, deployment, and release states of the Solution Train’s Kanban Board.

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All Large Solution level features at a glance

  • Large Solution Kanban Board

  • Dependency management

  • WSJF Prioritization

  • Automated SAFe® reports

  • Objective management

  • Risk management

  • Automated documentation

  • Intuitive parent linking

  • View historical data

  • Context view

  • Print cards

Everything you need to start your SAFe transformation

Essential – Agile Teams

Agile teams plan & track their work with intuitive breakout boards and real-time SAFe® reports to create as much business value as possible.

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Program Level Train


Product Managers manage the idea intake, prioritize the backlog, and track progress with real-time SAFe® reports. RTEs are able to ensure that ARTs run smoothly.

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Portfolio Managers prioritize the backlog, manage Epic Hypothesis Statements, Lean Business Cases, and track progress with real-time SAFe® reports.

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