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At //SEIBERT/MEDIA, we want to create a work environment that promotes collaboration within teams to maximize results. In order to make this happen, we support our customers with suitable and collaborative software solutions. You can help us by providing professional services (configuration, training, licensing) around our products. We would love to work with you.

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Among many other things we offer you enablement in the form of free onboarding sessions and resources, marketing materials and joint sales pitches, as well as a dedicated partner management team to answer any questions you may have. Learn what it’s like to partner with //SEIBERT/MEDIA and contact us today, so that we can work together in the future.


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The KEGON Academy was founded with the aim to successfully transfer agile methods into everyday life – to enable instead of only certifying. Therefore, our trainings are not only about theory. It is not our goal to teach you blunt theoretical knowledge and to issue as many certifications as possible – rather, we want to enable you to successfully apply agile methods in your working environment.

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As a consultancy, we support clients worldwide in implementing changes in their processes and structures to achieve strategic goals successfully. That is why we execute changes fast and throughout the organization. We engage people around a common purpose to achieve change and we communicate at all levels. Not only do we consult, but we also work with you on the change in an integrated team and commit with you to achieve the change goals.

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