Agile Hive for Jira Cloud

We‘ve made everyday work easier for many enterprise companies, and supporting their SAFe® implementation with the right tooling. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are ready for Jira Cloud!

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Explore our features

Build your individual SAFe® hierarchy

Start with your individual configuration and build your SAFe® hierarchy. Agile Hive takes care of linking your projects in the background.

SAFe® Hierarchy Links

With the ‘SAFe® Hierarchy’ feature, your teams are able to see all parent and child issues, as well as basic information for each, directly in your Jira tickets.

This creates alignment and your teams see what strategic goals they are working toward!

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Automated Reports

Agile Hive provides comprehensive reports for Team and ART level of your SAFe® configuration right in your Jira instance.

Create Planning Intervals

Create Planning Intervals to develop a time-frame for your Agile Release Trains to deliver value.

Roadmap Planning on every level!

Plan, prioritize, and visualize your road- map of the next upcoming features. Agile Hive provides Roadmap Boards on every SAFe® level. This allows features to be scheduled directly on a timeline.

Team Planning Boards

Enable your teams to plan their work with our collaborative Planning Board during your PIs. It simplifies the process of breaking down features into stories and identifying dependencies.

Agile Hive Whitepaper

Everything at a glance: Our new Whitepaper highlights the features of Agile Hive

Download our whitepaper to learn all about Agile Hive, the innovative software for SAFe®. Discover its features and application possibilities to revolutionize your Jira experience in scaling lean and agile practices!

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