Agile Hive for Jira Data Center

Turn your Jira Data Center into an operating system for SAFe.

SAFe Terminology

Whether you and your organization have been practicing SAFe for years, or are new to the framework, we speak SAFe!

SAFe Hierarchy

Epic, Capability, Feature, and Story – SAFe’s four-tier hierarchy outlines functional system behaviors and Agile Hive supports it.

SAFe Templates

Whether Team, Agile Release Train, Solution, or Portfolio, Agile Hive comes with a corresponding project template for each.

Team Breakout Boards

Designed to facilitate conversations between two or more teams, the Team Breakout Board facilitates scheduling work to fulfill the Feature outcomes of the Planning Interval.

Automated ART Boards

PI planning and management, the ability to view all sprints and dependencies, ART PI objectives and risks – Agile Hive is updating and tracking it all.

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Roadmap Planning

With drag and drop ease, plan your ART issues and PIs directly on the timeline. And not to worry as PI and date details are then automatically reflected in related issues.

Automated Reports

Agile Hive provides comprehensive reports for each and every level of your SAFe configuration right in your Jira instance.

Kanban Boards

Visualize your progress – collect, analyze, review, and prioritize using Agile Hive’s integrated Kanban boards at all levels of SAFe.

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Agile Hive Whitepaper

Everything at a glance: Our new Whitepaper highlights the features of Agile Hive

Download our whitepaper to learn all about Agile Hive, the innovative software for SAFe®. Discover its features and application possibilities to revolutionize your Jira experience in scaling lean and agile practices!

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