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Agile Hive is your SAFe solution


Now available in the Cloud, built from the ground up in Atlassian Forge, Agile Hive has evolved for the next generation of SAFe in Jira.

Data Center

The tools you already use, in the environment you already know. Agile Hive seamlessly integrates into your existing Jira and optionally automates documentation in Confluence for On Prem.

Agile Hive supports SAFe at all levels

Agile Hive provides SAFe-compliant hierarchies, artifacts, processes and reports right into your Jira. Simplify the implementation and execution of the Scaled Agile Framework in your organization.

Essential – Agile Teams

Agile teams plan & track their work with intuitive breakout boards and real-time SAFe® reports to create as much business value as possible.


Product Managers manage the idea intake, prioritize the backlog, and track progress with real-time SAFe® reports. RTEs are able to ensure that ARTs run smoothly.

Large Solution

Solution Managers manage the idea intake, prioritize the backlog, and track progress with real-time comprehensive SAFe® reports.


Portfolio Managers prioritize the backlog, manage Epic Hypothesis Statements, Lean Business Cases, and track progress with real-time SAFe® reports.

Benefits and Cases

Finally a proper and affordable solution for SAFe with Jira. We have been looking forward to get this for a long time now and the first experience is amazing! 

SAFe Only​

We are specialized in the Scaled Agile Framework and are developing our product to implement it in the best and simplest way possible.

SAFe Made Easy​

Agile Hive enables an effortless implementation of SAFe through an intuitive interface.

Developer Support

We provide first-class support directly from our development team.

Save Time

Minimum configuration on your part is required to get you up and running by choosing from preconfigured project templates.

SAFe Experts

Agile Hive was developed with Germany’s leading SAFe expert KEGON.

Seamlessly Integrated

Agile Hive is seamlessly integrated with Jira, so your teams can start working immediately.

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