Agile Hive – SAFe® with Atlassian Tools

SAFe solution by //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Comprehensive SAFe Reporting

See progress reports and forecasts with our in-house developed app in real time.

SAFe  Artifact Hierarchy

Track artifacts clearly and easily using the hierarchical display.

Visualized Dependencies

View dependencies between processes visually with Agile Hive to support your planning process.

Automatic Documentation

Let Agile Hive automatically create a foundation for your epic documentation.

Comprehensive SAFe Reporting

Our in-house developed app lets you always see progress reports and forecasts in real time.

  • Dashboards for all levels of SAFe
  • Real-time display of SAFe artifact progress based on automatically generated values
  • Epic completion forecasts
  • Progress of Agile Release Trains as percentages and as PI Burn-downs
  • More than 10 customizable Jira reporting gadgets

SAFe Artifact Hierarchy

Track artifacts easily within the hierarchical display, including epics, capabilities, features and stories.

  • Drill down through all SAFe levels
  • Identify which teams are involved and when
  • See the hierarchy directly in the artifacts themselves
  • View any related documentation pages

Visualized Dependencies

Agile Hive visually displays dependencies between processes to support your planning process.

  • Get a planning overview with the dependency board
  • Identify critical dependences quickly
  • Synchronize your planning in real time, across all teams and at all locations
  • Print information for big-room planning

Automatic Documentation

Let Agile Hive automatically create a foundation for your epic documentation.

  • Lean business case
  • Epic hypothesis statement
  • Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF)
  • Edit documentation directly in Jira
  • Separate permissions management

Your Experienced Partner

  • Agile Hive is constantly being developed together with Germany’s leading SAFe experts KEGON AG
  • Germany’s largest Atlassian partner //SEIBERT/MEDIA provides technical implementation and support

Seamless Integration

  • 100% integration into your Atlassian system landscape
  • No impact on existing Jira projects
  • No change of application in external systems is necessary

Price Transparency

Agile Hive consists of two packages:

License package

(Large table: Please scroll to right.)

Service package

SAFe levels Full SAFe, Large Solution SAFe, Portfolio SAFe oder Essential SAFe
Agile Release Trains 1
Teams 10 Teams
Kickoff-Workshop (on site or at //SEIBERT/MEDIA) 1
Webinars For each SAFe level (1-3h)
Price € 30,000

Additional services

Position Price
Implementation in customers environment € 5,000
Additional ART with up to 10 teams € 5,000
Implementation of further SAFe levels (each) € 5,000
Additional teams (up to 10 teams) € 5,000
Restructuring of existing issues per ART € 5,000
Customer documentation € 5,000
Installation & hosting depends on user tier

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