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Seamlessly integrated in Jira

Agile Hive is built from the ground up to be tightly integrated with Jira. Additionally, as a certified Scaled Agile Platform Partner since 2019, you’ll always know you’re up to date with the latest SAFe standards.

Explore our features

Plan your features and strategy on a timeline. With Agile Hive, adjusting roadmaps is drag-and-drop easy.

Themes, Epics, Features, Stories – build your individual SAFe hierarchy in Jira. Agile Hive takes care of linking the projects in the background.

Release Train Engineer, Product Owner, Program Manager – whatever your role, our automated reports give you the insights you need.

The heart and soul of the ART. With Agile Hive – whether
in-person, remote or hybrid you are able to visualise and manage PIs, capacities, and dependencies with ease.

The missing piece in your SAFe transformation

Agile Hive offers you the ability to continue to use the tools you already know while also implementing SAFe. Your deployment of Agile Hive will come with numerous benefits that you can profit from.

As a Scaled Agile Platform Partner, we’re also constantly adapting Agile Hive to be up to date with the latest version of SAFe.

SAFe Only

We are specialized in the Scaled Agile Framework and are developing our product to implement it in the best and simplest way possible.

SAFe Made Easy

Agile Hive enables an effortless implementation of SAFe® through an intuitive interface.

Developer Support

We provide first-class support directly from our development team.

Save Time

Minimum configuration on your part is required to get you up and running by choosing from preconfigured project templates.

Seamlessly Integrated

Agile Hive is seamlessly integrated with Jira, so your teams can start working immediately.

SAFe Experts

Agile Hive was developed with Germany’s leading SAFe expert KEGON.

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We’re ready when you are. Book a demo with us that meets your schedule and we’ll walk you through the features that interest you most.

Thomas Kretzer

German Sales Consultant

Jamale Lamaji-Harris

US Sales Consultant

Agile Hive Whitepaper

Everything at a glance: Our new Whitepaper highlights the features of Agile Hive

Download our whitepaper to learn all about Agile Hive, the innovative software for SAFe®. Discover its features and application possibilities to revolutionize your Jira experience in scaling lean and agile practices!

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Agile Hive is your SAFe solution


Now available in the Cloud, built from the ground up in Atlassian Forge, Agile Hive has evolved for the next generation of SAFe in Jira.

Data Center

The tools you already use, in the environment you already know. Agile Hive seamlessly integrates into your existing Jira and optionally automates documentation in Confluence for On Prem.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Let’s take a look at some recent customer feedback on their experiences using Agile Hive.

Cindy VanEpps
Cindy VanEppsBusiness Agility Consultant & SPCT | Project & Team
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"I am truly happy and impressed with the ease of use, intuitive and thorough application of SAFe elements, and user documentation. I will be recommending this to all of my SAFe customers!"
Patrick Heidel
Patrick HeidelIT Application Engineer | toom
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“The performance is great, and new features are added with every release. As a customer, you are able to take place in the development process to raise feature requests. This is excellent service-orientation.”
Thomas Verasani
Thomas VerasaniIT Release- and Testmanagement | BLS AG
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“Is Agile Hive worth its price? Yes! The time saved by this plugin is tremendous. Even roadmaps can be visualized. Awesome!”
Joel Masset
Joel MassetExecutive Director | SIX
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“Because Agile Hive is a pure representation of SAFe in Jira, not only does it really come in handy, but it also highlights weaknesses and areas of improvement in your SAFe implementation.”
Matthias RackeSPC & Executive Consultant
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“Very good tool, easy to use and finally a great support for SAFe practitioner.”

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Our hard work is your reward! Our commitment to continuing to develop a robust, SAFe in Jira solution, means we’re always innovating, open to feedback from our customers, and continuously developing our product for the market.



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