The easiest way to implement SAFe® in Jira

Agile Hive – the fully integrated SAFe® solution for Jira
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Simplify your SAFe® execution

Automated SAFe® reports

Don’t waste time with configuration, get valuable insights out of your automatically generated reports.

SAFe® project templates

Agile Hive supports all SAFe® configurations & provides preconfigured project templates.

PI Planning from A to Z

Create, manage & visualize PIs, iterations, work items, capacities, (external) dependencies and much more.

Automated Program Board

Let Agile Hive do the work. The program board is calculated automatically, in real time based on your PI Planning.

Easy roadmap planning

Plan your ART issues and PIs directly on the timeline with drag and drop. PI and date details are automatically reflected in issues.

Fully integrated Jira app

The tools you already use, in the environment you already know. Agile Hive seamlessly integrates into your existing Jira and optionally automates documentation in Confluence.

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The missing piece in your SAFe® transformation

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“I am truly happy and impressed with the ease of use, intuitive and thorough application of SAFe® elements, and user documentation. I will be recommending this to all of my SAFe® customers!”

Cindy VanEpps, Business Agility Consultant & SPCT | Project & Team

“The performance is great, and new features are added with every release. As a customer, you are able to take place in the development process to raise feature requests. This is excellent service-orientation.”

Patrick Heidel, IT Application Engineer | toom

“Is Agile Hive worth its price? Yes! The time saved by this plugin is tremendous. Even roadmaps can be visualized. Awesome!”

Thomas Verasani, IT Release- und Testmanagement | BLS AG

“Because Agile Hive is a pure representation of SAFe® in Jira, not only does it really come in handy, but it also highlights weaknesses and areas of improvement in your SAFe® implementation.”

Joel Masset, Executive Director | SIX

“Very good tool, easy to use and finally a great support for SAFe® practitioner.”

Matthias Racke, SPC & Executive Consultant | Wibas

Agile Hive supports SAFe® at all levels

Agile Hive provides SAFe®-compliant hierarchies, artifacts, processes and reports right into your Jira. Simplify the implementation and execution of the Scaled Agile Framework in your organization.

Essential – Agile Teams

Agile teams plan & track their work with intuitive breakout boards and real-time SAFe® reports to create as much business value as possible.

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Product Managers manage the idea intake, prioritize the backlog, and track progress with real-time SAFe® reports. RTEs are able to ensure that ARTs run smoothly.

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Large Solution

Solution Managers manage the idea intake, prioritize the backlog, and track progress with real-time comprehensive SAFe® reports.

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Portfolio Managers prioritize the backlog, manage Epic Hypothesis Statements, Lean Business Cases, and track progress with real-time SAFe® reports.

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