How to become a partner

Here’s an overview of the benefits and steps to becoming a partner.


Become a partner

There are a number of benefits to partnering with us, including free onboarding sessions and resources, marketing materials, the opportunity to participate in joint sales pitches, and a dedicated partner management team to answer all your questions. Contact us today to learn what it’s like to partner with Seibert Media. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

Benefits of becoming a partner

Access to Partner Community

Find sales enablement materials, product roadmaps and project resources in one central place.

Free Onboarding Sessions

Interactive and personal workshops specifically designed for your team.

Free Internal Licenses

Get yourself familiar with our products by using them in your daily business.

Partner Discounts

Register deals to protect yourself from other resellers and receive lucrative vouchers.

Joint Sales Pitches

We will set up demo sites, prepare you for sales calls and even take over demos if necessary.

Partner Badge

Get listed in our official partner directory and receive leads from us.

Partner Managament Team

A dedicated team that is always accessible and ready to help whenever you need it.

Access to Partner Community

Direct and uncomplicated support with our product teams.

Partner Network

Share experiences and discuss solutions within our partner network.

More than a traditional management consultancy, with over 25 years of hands-on experience, WIBAS not only offers traditional services such as strategy development and process optimization but also maintains a special focus on organizational development and systemic change. WIBAS utilizes agile techniques that enable clients to implement changes in manageable, feasible steps. The combination of human interaction, adaptable methods, and specialized expertise makes their consulting offerings unique.

Founded in 2002, KEGON offers strategic management consulting, agile coaching, and training. The company name derives from the Japanese Buddhist school Kegon-shū. This symbolizes the fact that each individual has a significant impact on a complex organization both through their role and also through their personal characteristics. This means KEGON is committed to accompanying and supporting their customers on a path of self-responsible action in a networked world.

Want to apply to become a partner?

Feel free to schedule a meeting anytime. We are happy to discuss your ideas!

Get in touch!

Feel free to schedule a meeting anytime. We are happy to discuss your ideas!

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Partner Manager