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In 2017, the team at Siemens Smart Infrastructure IT began their journey with a measured integration of agile methods into the culture. Since then, three Agile Release Trains (ARTs) have developed their Planning Intervals (PIs) on Jira using Agile Hive.

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“We are agile, we’ve done it! We’ve created the processes and roles, the tools are in place – all this is accepted and lived. All that’s left to do is consolidating the agile mindset.”

Christine Heitmann 

Teamlead Team Coaches | Toom

“Soon we have then realized that the standard Jira functionality is not really sufficient for our SAFe setup so we decided to go for the implementation of Agile Hive.”

Yannick Müller

Agile Coach | Siemens

Facts and figures

As of 2022, the Smart Infrastructure division of Siemens generated approximately €17.2b with over 72,700 employees around the globe. Smart Infrastructure IT (SI-IT) is a service provider of tools and services to both internal and external clients consisting of approximately 600 employees providing over 70 types of services. At present, over 70% of the teams within SI-IT are applying agile methodologies.

From Waterfall to Scrum, Then On To SAFe

The start of their agile transformation began with the implementation of their IT Infrastructure Library, or ITIL. Yannick describes that move as a “real big step forward” in their journey. With the increasing speed of change in SI-IT’s product requirements, their current ways of working were too constraining.  The combination of the traditional waterfall model, coupled with a multi-layered complex decision-making process, became impediments to implementing agility.

Start of the Real Transformation With Agile Hive

Given their level of experience working within the Atlassian ecosystem, it made sense to continue along the path they began. Tight integration with Jira and Confluence was required, but also the need to adhere to SAFe methodology and language. In stepped Agile Hive as the perfect liaison.


Start of agile transformation




of the teams within
SI-IT are applying agile methodologies

Core SAFe Principles Guiding the Way

With R&D teams taking the lead by successfully implementing SCRUM processes, the mindset began to shift as other departments began adopting agile methodologies. As time went on however, their pilot teams began to realize just how many dependencies existed, thus making simple SCRUM no longer workable. It was then SAFe and the implementation of ARTs would be needed.


Everyone speaks the same (SAFe) language and goals are aligned across the organization.


At every layer of the organization, individuals and teams can view the work being done.

Respect for People

Embrace the diversity of people, their opinions, and provide the coaching they need.

Relentless Improvement

Set the stage for an environment of
problem-solving and adaptivity.

The overall improvement

The introduction of SAFe, supported by Agile Hive, has significantly improved collaboration with the business units. Requirements for the organization are now managed centrally via the portfolio management.

The much faster communication both within and between teams is outstanding. In addition, much shorter cycles were established. Put simply: people became faster, better and more satisfied.

“You can say that the speed and quality of our work has improved enormously, along with the perception and the cooperation with all stakeholders.”

Christine Heitmann | Toom

“Finally a proper and affordable solution for SAFe with Jira. We have been looking forward to get this for a long time now and the first experience is amazing!”

Lukas Landwehr

Lead PO S/4HANA | Toom

“Over the first four or five PIs, were without Agile Hive. Now we’ve tested ten times and it works perfectly well for us.”

Patrick Dihr

Agile Coach | Siemens

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