European SAFe® Summit 2023 – Prague, Czech Republic

Meet the Agile Hive team at the European SAFe® Summit 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic! Learn firsthand from SAFe® experts, May 15-17.


This year from 15th through 17th of May, the SAFe® community will come together once again, this time in the beautiful and storied city of Prague. Returning to the stage after a few years away, serving Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), the European SAFe® Summit is an engaging three days of exhibits, in-depth keynotes and presentations, networking opportunities, and stories of success.

This is a wonderful opportunity for SAFe® professionals, executive teams, and participants to gather and learn firsthand from the premiere SAFe® experts. And with the recent release of SAFe® 6.0 in March, this will be a great opportunity to see the extensive changes and updates made to the framework which keeps it at the forefront in the agile at scale realm.


Schedule At A Glance


Pre-Conference Workshops At A Glance

  • Facilitation Skills for Collaborative Decision Making in SAFe® Events
  • Measure what Matters for Business Agility
  • Accelerating Flow with 8 Flow Accelerators
  • Applying SAFe Across the Enterprise


A Wide Variety Conference Sessions Including

  • Customer Story Keynote: Mercedes Benz Mobility AG
Customer Stories
  • Amadeus
  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG
  • Vodafone
Technical Talks
  • “How Leaders Unlock the Flow of Value in SAFe®
  • “Incremental Strategy Development in Practice”
  • “Applying the NEW! SAFe® Business and Technology Patterns”
And many, many more!


Something For Everyone

Executive Teams

For those C-level executives determined to not only meet, but exceed their customers’ expectations, transforming their organizations and teams from the inside out.

SAFe® Professionals

Team leaders who are working each and every day to set the example and the tone for greater efficiency, productivity and responsiveness.

SAFe® Participants

For individuals ready to expand their skill sets, transform their productivity and performance, and catapult their careers.


Agile Hive Will Be There!

We are Agile Hive – the SAFe® in Jira solution, and we’re proud to be among the sponsors of this incredible event! And with the recent release of SAFe® 6.0 and the forthcoming release of our very own Jira Cloud version of Agile Hive, there will be plenty to see and experience!

As in years past, there will be a Partner Marketplace, where attendees can view demos, request appointments, or simply stop by and chat with us. Let’s get in touch at our booth!

Additionally, our good friends at KEGON AG will also be attending, both as sponsors and presenters. You can register for their SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management Training (LPM) session and deepen your knowledge in portfolio management. As well, our parent company, Seibert Media, complements the training for those interested with an optional tooling session “SAFe® with Jira, Agile Hive and Jira Align”.

Get your tickets for the European SAFe® Summit 2023 here! We look forward to seeing you in Prague!


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